Nearing home

250 miles from home and we ran into a light ice storm. Minus 2 forecast for Sunday. Welcome home to us..

It’s a long drive today which provides time to think. Mel and I have reconnected in a way I didn’t expect. 24×7. 63 days. Thought it would be tough on us with so much togetherness. But we really enjoyed each other’s company. We talked so much more than at home. And we did nearly everything together. It was really nice.

It does appear that we have different opinions on future travels. Mel prefers to get somewhere warm with a beach and stay. I prefer to see lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife in new and exciting places. We made a new year’s resolution to try to camp at least once per month. (His idea). So hopefully we can fit in both.

We really enjoy campfires which requires evening temps above what we had in New Mexico. And we easily got into a rhythm of cooking, cleaning and caring for Winston.

We like the smallness of our RV. We’re in the minority in Florida but similar to more rigs out west. I think we’ll downsize when the grandkids outgrow camping with us. Mel and I aren’t very materialistic. We brought little and it worked out fine. We’ve made a list of things not to bring next time even though we have spaces in the RV that are empty.

We both had great fun on our first voyage together. Two months went quickly. Anxious for our next adventure out soon!

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