Gulf shores alabama

Our dreams of exploring New Mexico were postponed for another year. Nights were in the mid 20s and forecasts predicted similar lows through February. We considered meeting a friend in Mesa to watch the Cubs in a spring training game, but record lows hit Arizona as well.

The only part of the country that forecasted better weather was the southeast so we turned back east and stayed in Gulf State park.

A huge park with lots of RVs but spaced reasonably. We took full advantage of twenty five miles of bike paths and hiked twice a day with Winston. Some of the five days were windy, but overall the weather was sunny and warm and we walked every day on the beach.

This park has a beautiful Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, three large lakes and walkways crossing the highway to the beach. We met a lot of friendly people and ate out more than usual, knowing our trip was coming to an end. I would’ve liked to have stayed on the road another month, but Mel is ready to head home, so we’ll head out Wednesday after stopping for an overnight visit with Tia.

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