Traveling with a 60 pound dog in a RV

Initially Winston was reluctant to even get into the RV. As we traveled he stayed in his bed. But he got comfortable after a few days and now sits or lays between us in the cab as we drive. He is fearful by nature having a rough start in life.

We didn’t realize how much he would shed as we moved in and out of warm climates. Good thing we brought a small vacuum which we use every day.

He loves being outside. We brought both an inside and outside dog bed. Keeps him off the dirt which helps keep our living quarters clean. We hike at least twice a day with him which makes him happy and gives him solid sleep.

I think about how much he sleeps at home and how little he sleeps on the road. But by 8 PM, he is sound asleep here for the night.

We are restricted by having a dog with us. Particularly one that is fearful and reactive. Periodically we leave him in the locked RV with A/C on, but generally he is with us wherever we go. We suspect we’ll be able to travel differently someday when he’s gone, but for now he brings us so much joy, he’s worth the adjustments we make for him.

Having a fairly large dog certainly minimizes living space. Winston doesn’t seem to notice and spreads out easily.

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