Galveston Texas

Galveston state park is located on the far west end of the island. Technically we’re in Jamaica beach, the only section of the island not within the city of Galveston.

Galveston is an interesting city. The beach area is a typical tourist area with chain hotels, chain restaurants and crowds. But a historical section has many beautiful old buildings. The port serves cruise ships, fishing boats and cargo ships. Seems like a progressive city with beautiful parks including dog parks and a recycle center that accepted numerous items including electronics.

Our campsite was very close to the beach. In fact we could see the waves out the RV window. Most days were chilly with high winds or rain or both. But it was one of those times when we both were content to sit and be still. Mel put a tarp on one side of our picnic area that blocked the wind so we could sit outside most of the day. Lots of walks on the beach with Winston with rain coats or sweatshirts.

Found some seashells we hadn’t seen before. And warnings about venomous snakes which would apply in warmer months. Nearby houses were pretty quaint. Painted bright colors and on high stilts. Those on the beach rent for $300+ per night in the summer. Galveston beach is pretty narrow and the ocean is brown at least this time of year. It hosts the largest Mardi Gras celebration in Texas spanning two weekends. Mel is anxious to get to warmer weather so we’ll miss it this year but saw parade floats and numerous house decorations.

We had a great dinner one night at Waterman’s restaurant. Another indication of how busy this area gets over spring break and summer because they had seating for many guests. A great meal. Mel had fried catfish, fried oysters and fried shrimp (yes we are in the south where everything is fried) and I had pasta with scallops (I stretched my vegetarian rules one time). We had a crazy experience though with a table of six behind us. About our age. One man got furious with another and started yelling and hit him numerous times. I got up and notified a waitress. Half their table left soon after. Cousins from Kansas. Geez!

Sunsets were incredible. I couldn’t adequately catch the beauty, but best sunsets yet.

On to Gulf Shores where the weather is warm and dry with a stop near Hammond Louisiana on the way.

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