Ah…a bath

We’ve decided to head east to avoid the cold weather in New Mexico. Destination…Galveston Texas where it’s a bit warmer. Seems to be an unusually cold winter around the country so we’ll accept highs of 60s instead of the 80s we were hoping for. Lows are more like 50 there rather than mid 20s New Mexico hsd.

I’ve loved baths for as long as I can remember. Soaking in water so hot it makes my skin red. But…RVs don’t have bathtubs. Luckily for me, we were unable to find a campsite because it is a holiday weekend. We tried multiple state parks and all are full. We tried a KOA, which we don’t like because sites are so cramped, and they wanted $55. So we stayed at a Best Western instead. With a bath tub. I’ve never enjoyed or took a longer bath. Simply wonderful.

Winston however wasnt particularly comfortable with people noises and woke me a number of times during the night. But still worth the hot soak. Maybe this will become a tradition???

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